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Based in New York since 1989—and recognized as one of the city’s leading hairstylists—Antonio Prieto has worked with many of the world’s top fashion designers, celebrities and photographers. Since 1995, the Antonio Prieto salon has built a reputation that’s based on, in the words of New York Magazine: “top-notch” professionals, a “clients-first” attitude and results that both “newcomers and devoted regulars” are consistently “thrilled with.


From Valencia to Vogue

1981 - The success story of Antonio Prieto, a boy who grew up on the shores of the Spanish Mediterranean and spent his youth practicing haircuts on friends.  This boy would become a trained hairdresser, work and live in the fashion dynasties of London and New York, and eventually be recognized in one of America’s most venerated beauty magazines.  Based in New York since 1989, Prieto has more than fulfilled the American Dream.  He’s worked with top fashion designers and some of the best photographers in the business and established a crème de la crème clientele at his ultra chic salon.  It is these ties to the fashion world that earned Prieto a two page profile in the June 2001 issue of American Vogue; no small feat for even the most gifted of hairdressers.

 Antonio in Spain 1981

Antonio in Spain 1981

Into Fashion

 With Supermodel Shalom Harlow at the Versace Show in Italy 2001

With Supermodel Shalom Harlow at the Versace Show in Italy 2001


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Jean Baptist Mondino

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Richard Avedon

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David Armstrong

Guy Aroch

Norman Jean Roy

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Javier Pia

Cleo Sullivan

Wayne Maiser

David Byun

Philip Newton

Todd Marshad

Noe Dewitt


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The Salon

After more than nine years in the Flatiron District, Prieto moved to this spacious, custom-designed Chelsea storefront in 2005. The salon’s “modern organic” design, as described by Prieto himself, features a sleek minimalist space softened by natural textures like barn wood, leather, marble, and stone. Different shades of beige and brown (and a distinct lack of color) help create a rich, earthy feel, while at each styling station, an enormous full-length mirror leans against the wall facing a simple, cube-like chocolate-brown leather chair.   Over the past thirteen years, Prieto has been the magnetic, driving force behind Antonio Prieto Salon, located in New York’s Chelsea District.  The young beauty professionals who staff it share in Prieto’s commitment to providing unique experiences and incomparable services to a discerning clientele.

 Antonio Prieto 

Antonio Prieto 

The Entrepreneur

 Antonio Prieto

Antonio Prieto